2 February 2016

Andy Dwyer / Chris Pratt is a genius

Andy Dwyers Kamikaze Parks and Recreation

Chris Pratt is a genius. Anyone who has ever seen his rise to power from Parks and Rec to Guardians of the Galaxy will probably agree. Not only is he a fantastic actor and very funny, he's managed to perform incredibly well in all of his roles (even Jurassic World).

This is one of the funnier scenes in the show, but Parks and Recreation is a gem with plenty of laughs to go around. Apparently this scene was unplanned.

Chris Pratt suicide bomb prank

He played well as Abbott in Everwood, but Chris Pratts best performance is easily Parks and Recreation. If you don't believe me watch the show! It's very funny and you always need a little bit more Ron Burgundy in your life. There are plenty more hilarious moments you'll be missing out on if you don't watch it.

Parks and Recreation Hilarious PrankParks and Recreation funny

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