18 May 2013

Yet another batch of Youtube Comments

It's getting old now, right guys? Not for me. I love reading Youtube comments. In fact, some of the worst videos I have ever seen have been made acceptable by the presence of a well placed Youtube comment. So read em' and weep, but I'll be laughing. Pssssh.

15 May 2013

More hilarious Youtube comments

Well, the first batch was really good, so hopefully these Youtube comments will be just as entertaining. Take a look guys, and leave a reply if you like them!

Funny Youtube comments

Funny Youtube comments

Funny Youtube comments

Funny Youtube comments

Funny Youtube comments

Funny Youtube comments

Funny Youtube comments

8 May 2013

Funny Youtube comments, part 1

I've seen my fair share of amusing Youtube arguments and sass over the years, I honestly don't know why some people even bother to comment on there when all they do is pick fights with other. Recently it seems to have gotten a little better. But in all honesty, I love reading comments because they are hilarious. I hope the filth never stops. Enjoy some of the funniest Youtube comments I've seen:

7 May 2013

Strange and weird Korean comics

Who's to say Korea is all bad? Kim Jong-Un is a comedian, maybe he made these comics too. I thought they were pretty hilarious. Some of you have probably seen the last one before. Weird and strange is just about the only category I can think of for these images.

6 May 2013

Troll Physics 2

Here's a few more troll physics comics, for you scientists out there. If you enjoyed the last batch, you will probably find these pretty funny too. And yes, there does have to be a troll face in every one. Otherwise it's not troll physics, god.

4 May 2013

Troll physics comics

I've seen plenty of these physics jokes in my time, they've been around for years. Some of them are rather ingenious, I wish they really worked. If you like troll physics, you've come to the right place.

Magnet plane funny physics

Bike troll physics

Water funny physics

Breathing in space physics

See yourself 20 years ago

Speed of light travel physics

3 May 2013

A few Simpsons quotes and comics

We all know the influence the Simpsons has had on the world, the 90's kid were basically all brought up on it. I love the Simpsons, when I was a kid and even now. It's a damn good show with some of the greatest quotes out there. So here are a few, I hope you like them!