4 February 2016

New series: Buzzfeed comics!

Well, I'm surprised I've never stumbled across any Buzzfeed comics in my explorations of the internet. We all know Buzzfeed is a pretty garbage website, almost as bad as us here at Hilarious Images. However, these comics are pretty legit. That's the part that surprises me.

These comics are so mildly interesting I cannot stand myself. They are just enough to bring a smile to my face, which feels drastically wrong considering it's content from Buzzfeed.

The day good content comes out of that website is the day a snowball has a chance in hell. But hey, at least I have a new series of funny comics to last me the next week! I think 2 a day is appropriate this time around.

Buzzfeed comic on spilling your coffee
Another funny comic about pocket headphones

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