30 June 2013

A bunch of funny Futurama images

Although Futurama never quite reached the critical acclaim of the Simpsons, I still thought it was hilarious and has some classic moments. Luckily, the internet seems to agree with me.

alignments DND, Futurama version.

Fry and his coffee funny Futurama sketch

Bender using his robot x-ray vision

Bender talking about hookers and blackjack.

Fry confused about Superman, Futurama.

Funny image Skyrim and Futurama

Funny Futurama picture

Funny Futurama pictures

Funny futurama comic

Fry being racist Futurama image

Funny part of Futurama Leela fishing up boots

24 June 2013

Assorted internet comics

There are so many funny comics on the internet these days you're bound to see them on a regular basis. So I bring to you a small collection of funny comics I found recently.

Comic about cosplaying nerds

Funny comic about Cyclops X-Men

Comic about gigantic bees

Comic about death

Internet comic on Morphine

Korean comics

comic about Jiminy Cricket and Hitler

12 June 2013

What happened to Matt Leblanc?

Here's a question I pondered from time to time. What happened to Joey? Friends is one of those iconic shows that everyone has seen. Even the people who don't like it have to admit it's a high quality show that shaped the future of sitcoms. Everyone has a favorite character from Friends, and I'm sure Joey is at the top of a lot of peoples lists. Personally he's tied with Chandler for me.

But after Friends ended, some of the characters stayed on the radar, others became less prevalent in the media industry. I never really bothered to do any research into what happened to them, so it was a pleasant surprise when I'd see Jennifer Aniston or Matthew Perry in anything. Regardless, I decided to have a quick look into what Matt Leblanc had been up to; mostly because after finishing with his own show Joey, he seemed to disappear. Apparently he likes to do nothing. Who doesn't?

If you're interested in seeing some Matt Leblanc and his recent antics, watch this video!

Final batch of Youtube comments

I bet you're getting real sick of these by now. But there's a lot of idiots making amusing Youtube comments out there, so I could post them for years. This will be the last set of comments for now, so don't worry.

11 June 2013

What girls like

As men, it's difficult to know what women actually want. With these handy images, you can learn exactly what to do to get your woman to love you that little bit more. This advice is really useful, trust me!