19 February 2011

D-d-day three: introducing a few stoner comics into the mix

Hi again folks, time for some new pictures! I love stoner comics, and I've never seen someone turn down a good one, so enjoy.

Stoner comic with black guy at mcdonalds

Funny stoner comic eating bacon with chopsticks
Stoner comic about listening to music while high


  1. third one was the best. i do love my stoner comics just because so many of my friends are stoners.

  2. Hahahaha second one was the best for me. Reminds me of my teenage years

  3. Dude I don't even do The Drugs, but I lol'd hard on the first one. You win +1 internetz.

  4. wow, the second one is even drawn quite well!

  5. OMFG that middle one! That's a face my dad could easily make!