26 February 2011

Day six

I have lost count of the days already, such a shame.
entertaining motivational about making sandwiches

Video game comic about Kirby in Sonic's eyes

Kangaskhan pokemon comic
Ho hum.

23 February 2011

Day five: Assorted images and facebook funnies

Yawn, I missed a day sorry folks, here's six to make up for it:

funny African American in the audience

Entertaining motivational about Gary Oak's gym badges

motivational about retiring

Hilarious foreign sign

Yeah <3 See you tomorrow!

19 February 2011



Sad, but true. Anyways, day four! I thought I'd forsake the theme today, and just give you some damn images. Lets take a look shall we?

Comic about Chuck Norris and Pokemon

Funny poster about a found cat

Red lobster requesting dog fort

The second one had me laughing the most, mainly because I don't know if it's real or not.

See you next time friend, provided you are my friend. You will come back, right?

D-d-day three: introducing a few stoner comics into the mix

Hi again folks, time for some new pictures! I love stoner comics, and I've never seen someone turn down a good one, so enjoy.

Stoner comic with black guy at mcdonalds

Funny stoner comic eating bacon with chopsticks
Stoner comic about listening to music while high

18 February 2011

Day two

Hey again folks, time for your daily dosage. Here are some demotivationals.

Funny motivational about emo kids

Funny motivational about Gary Oak

Funny Motivational: Stand back I got this

 I always love a good motivational. How about you?

17 February 2011

First post: Pokemon comics

Hey everyone, a quick word about this blog.

I will be providing some new images daily, courtesy of the internet. The content of these pictures pertains to that which I find amusing. If you don't like them, we probably share a different sense of humor. This is for those people who  want a quick smile during the day.

I know three images a day isn't much, but the amount will quickly rise as the days go by. I thought we'd get started with pokemon, since everyone loves pokemon. So without further adieu; lets see some funny:

Funny Pokemon comic about Charmander

Funny Pokemon comic about Gary Oak
Funny Pokemon comic about the Safari zone
See you tomorrow folks, back with more pictures and comics to make you laugh.