27 February 2016

A few captioned Rick and Morty scenes

There is a serious lack of awesome captions, quotes and scenes from shows like Rick and Morty on Hilarious Images Daily, and that is an error I intend to fix. Today we've got Abradolf Lincler, Gazorpazorpfield, My man! Also a little quote from Morty.

Here are a few images from the cartoon depicting various funny scenes. If you don't understand the references then that means you haven't seen Rick and Morty yet, which needs to be corrected. Hell, it's a free show to watch on Adult Swim! What are you waiting for?

One of the best quotes from Abradolf Lincler in Rick and Morty

Rick and Mortys own take on an alien Garfield

Morty incredibly upset about being stuck in the jungle

A funny quote from the Rick and Morty episode about a simulation

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