31 January 2016

Funny Star Wars animations, even Adventure Time!

Adventure Time and Star Wars GIF

I found these hastily made Star Wars animations on Beyonce. They are so mildly funny I had to post them. Since the release of the new Star Wars film there has been a swathe of poor meme startups and a huge surge of Star Wars related content. These GIFs are fantastic. The Adventure Time one is clearly the best by a long shot.

Did you guys like the new film? Personally I thought it was okay, Disney didn't ruin the franchise but they still could have done better. What's all this nonsense about removing the Star Wars extended universe? Unacceptable.

I've always loved Star Wars especially the extended universe content. Some of the best bits are in the books. Darth Bane is the coolest Sith ever. Disney are doing okay with the franchise since they obtained it but they've made some very poor decisions. Why would they give Battlefront to EA? I've played the new Battlefront a lot and while it does have a nice Star Wars atmosphere that feeling lasts all of 5 seconds and then it's just another Battlefield game. What do you think?

30 January 2016

Awkward Conversation Dog, a new meme in the making?

I stumbled upon this gem on Imgur today, Awkward Conversation Dog has potential. I'll be keeping an eye out to see if this meme manages to get any more popular. It can be very hard work trying to follow meme trends and catch one before it blows up. So I'm happier just linking you gorgeous visitors to what I personally find entertaining.

Aside from that, it is pretty funny. Definitely worthy content for this site. Thank you for reading ladies and gentlefolk, keep an eye out for tomorrow's hilarious images!

29 January 2016

Left Shark, what a glorious meme

Left Shark, a meme at Katy Perry's expense

I can't believe I missed this one, I've always been a fan of incompetent sharks. If you missed it too, this costumed dancer managed to screw up Katy Perry's dance routine by forgetting the value of co-ordination.
Left shark you the best meme

This hilarious shark meme went pretty viral as you can probably surmise from a quick Google search, there are many theories about this costumed shark, most of them involving drug consumption. Some people think it was the right shark who couldn't do his job.

However, the best thing to come out of the left shark, right shark meme is the public airing of Katy Perry's ongoing altercation with Taylor Swift. Who knew right? They are both famous they should just get a room and play along, right?

28 January 2016

Last of the lil crying mamas

You know I'm actually quite happy to see the end of Mama here, she started out great but all she's done is reinforce my severe hankering for the best hilarious memes. I'd better get back to work.

Watch out for our next set of hilarious images, it's gotta be something fantastic or I'll be a sad panda indeed. As always, suggestions are welcome- just leave me a comment! Thanks folks!

27 January 2016

Once again bringing you lil' mama

Blonde lil crying mama meme

Lil Crying Mama is blonde in this one! It's a terrible joke and a terrible photoshop but I suppose that's partially what makes it funny. I promise tomorrow will be the last one ever. I'm starting to get a little tired of little mama.

So what's next? I think I'll find something extra special for you guys out there hunting for those elusive hilarious images. In all honesty I'm trying to re-establish the few websites I own with very little time on my hands. So I apologise for any poor content and I promise I will strive to increase the quality as soon as I've got less work to do!

26 January 2016

Here's another Lil' Crying Mama meme

Haha, this is a good one. I've missed memes the last couple of years, and I can't wait to catch up.

Anyone reading this should bear in mind I'm spending a lot of time trying to sift through the humongous amount of memes and entertaining images I have missed during the duration I've been gone. So if you have any suggestions for anything hilarious that I may overlook leave a comment and help me direct my search. Thank you!

25 January 2016

More Crying Mama

Little Crying Mama Meme

Good morning everyone! This is a good meme, I'll see if I can continue scrounging Lil Crying Mama for a little longer.

24 January 2016

Lil Crying Mama Meme

So I've spent a little trying to catch up on memes over the last few days and there are a LOT. 

23 January 2016

Last of the weed comics

This is the last one for now. We'll see what I can scrounge up for tomorrow!

Last stoner comic

22 January 2016

Day four, lost in a purple haze

weed comic

You know, I'm not even sure if I understand this one. If you're free to leave a comment, do you mind throwing me a quick explanation? Yes, I understand I'm supposed to be bringing you the funnies; but that doesn't mean I have to understand them, right?

21 January 2016

Day three in the stoner comic house

I hope this doesn't count as spam to Google, but we're going to follow a one image a day schedule, and maybe we'll do something special for Fridays.

Unfortunately, with only one new hilarious image per day, you might not be as entertained. However, at least we'll be a reliable source!

Another stoner comic. Are these funny to people who don't smoke weed?

20 January 2016

Stoner comics day two

I think we'll start with a week of stoner comics for all those 420 blaze its out there. And then maybe we'll settle down to some hearty memes.

It's been a long time since I trawled the internet for images to make me laugh, so bear with me folks!
Even more stoner comics!

19 January 2016

I'm back!

After a long hiatus, Hilarious Images Daily is back! What's more, this time we might actually make the daily part of hilariousimagesdaily. Expect a funny image or meme every day, and if you don't laugh your money back!

Or you can just leave an angry comment. We'll settle back into the regime of things with some stoner comics. Enjoy!

Stoner comic for the weed smokers