8 November 2012

Internet husband awww yeah.

So the internet husband meme has been around for a long long time. I've never really found any notable or funny ones until recently. Today I've collected enough to make a post! Get on my level, 'borrowing memes' for your viewing pleasures. Cough.

Overly attached girlfriend edition of Internet Husband

Leeroy Jenkins version

Obama version

internet husband on funerals

4chan version of internet husband

Cool story bro internet husband

3 November 2012

You laugh you lose

So I may have grabbed all these from a 'laugh you lose' thread, don't hate me! Usually I collect one or two from each if they are exceptional. However, this was a brilliant thread so I decided to just use all the good ones I found.

Well as long as you enjoy them, right? I hate myself.

1 November 2012

High Expectations Asian Father

This meme has been around so long now there are some real gems. There have also been some absolutely horrible ones, bad enough to make you wonder why people even try to make them.

Anyway, I've not met a single person who couldn't appreciate some Asian dad antics, don't let me down now people!

This is a classic.

Awww yeah, Doctor Who reference.