30 January 2013


For when people are too stupid for words, we have the wonderful body language of facepalm! I rarely get to do it in person, because I don't want to reveal how stupid I think people are being. But it's perfect for the internet, so here's some for reactions if you need them:

A crowd full of people facepalming

A child from an anime facepalming a tree

A facepalm so serious it requires no face or palms

Picard and Riker both facepalming to convey distress

When two palms aren't enough, you need four

When a human isn't enough to convey palm face, use a lion

Largest planet in the world

I pity the fool that made me facepalm

28 January 2013

Doctor Who images!

I've always loved Doctor Who. If you don't then I'm a sad panda. I found a few funny pictures relating to the show but there is many, many more! So take a look if you want more. David Tennant and Matt Smith are tied for me, so who is your favorite Doctor?

Doctor Who for prime minister!

24 January 2013

Star wars!

Since Disney have taken over Star Wars, I really fear for the franchise. I'm hoping they aren't going to screw it up too bad. I mean come on, fucking Disney? I'm half expecting to see Donald Duck and Goofy in the next movie.

I mean they might do a good job, but even if they do- will people still accept Disney as our new Jedi overlords? They might as well put mickey ears on Vader and have Luke singing songs.

Fucking Disney. Here, have some Star Wars memes:

22 January 2013


Whenever I see the government making up figures about how much piracy is affecting the world, it makes me smile. Take 5 minutes researching it on the internet, and you'll see the propaganda is substantiated from years of hard work and yet none-existent studies.

Sure, I'm not advocating piracy. It is no doubt damaging the media industry. But it is also helping it at the same time. If the companies decided to mitigate the damage piracy does as opposed to outright denying it; they'd make a lot more progress. For example, why not create a media outlet on the internet that's easy to access and grants you everything piracy does except with better quality, faster downloads, and numerous accessibility that just can't be matched with piracy? Slap on a monthly fee, and you'll see piracy noticeably drop. Well done, Netflix.

Moreover, if a person downloads a film they wouldn't buy or couldn't afford anyway; does that still count as piracy? Yes. But it's not stealing money from the industry, is it? That aside, I know people who have torrented a movie, found it a great watch- then purchased it. I asked them if they'd of bought it without watching it first- nope.

Anyway, here's some amusing pictures I look to whenever I read a bunch of fluff articles with inflated made up numbers on pirates: