29 February 2016

Some classic funny Spongebob images

Spongebob making a hilarious april fools prank

Patrick getting confused about his identification

Patrick scaring Squidward because he is afraid of Santa Claus

Spongebob's internal dialogue with himself

25 is funnier than 24 for Spongebob and Patrick

Spongebob is a decent show for adults and kids alike. If you ever have to raise a child, raise him on Spongebob. Sure, it's a little childish at times but every now and then there is a next level zinger that's just hilarious. Patrick is easily the best character in the entire show.

Anyway, enjoy these classic Spongebob quotes and captions. They are amusing. I'm bringing you five funny pictures today and five tomorrow. Hoo boy, that's a lot of Spongebob.

28 February 2016

Some classic Rick and Morty images, definitely some of the best

Here are a few of the better quotes I could find from Rick and Morty, some of the captions depict exactly why the cartoon is so entertaining. If a gif about penis isn't good enough for you guys then I just don't know what is!

Rick is essentially Doctor Who crossed with Bernard Black, which creates one awesome character. Morty is the same voice as Lemongrab in Adventure Time, he's a good performer.

A captioned gif about penises from Rick and Morty

Funny conversation between Morty and Rick about using the word retarded

Entertaining quote from Rick and Morty about making up Sci fi words.

27 February 2016

A few captioned Rick and Morty scenes

There is a serious lack of awesome captions, quotes and scenes from shows like Rick and Morty on Hilarious Images Daily, and that is an error I intend to fix. Today we've got Abradolf Lincler, Gazorpazorpfield, My man! Also a little quote from Morty.

Here are a few images from the cartoon depicting various funny scenes. If you don't understand the references then that means you haven't seen Rick and Morty yet, which needs to be corrected. Hell, it's a free show to watch on Adult Swim! What are you waiting for?

One of the best quotes from Abradolf Lincler in Rick and Morty

Rick and Mortys own take on an alien Garfield

Morty incredibly upset about being stuck in the jungle

A funny quote from the Rick and Morty episode about a simulation

26 February 2016

Bringing you some of the best Black Books images

Welcome back to more funny Black Books images! This time we've got a little bit of Manny as well as Bernard, these are some classic quotes and some of my favorite ever. It doesn't seem like there's enough Dylan Moran or Bill Bailey on this website yet, we'll have to rectify that won't we?

Bernard Black explaining to Manny why he isn't gay

Bernard Black from Black Books discussing absinthe

Manny asking Bernard whether he should wash his beard

Are you searching for more funny scenes from Black Books? Check out the handpicked gallery.

25 February 2016

Black Books Quotes from Bernard part 2

Hello again everyone, welcome to another few Black Books quotes, starring the hilarious Bernard Black. I can honestly say even though these quotes are quite entertaining, they just don't do the show justice. Anyone who has seen Black Books has to agree, right?

So go watch it if you haven't already!

Funny Black Books quote about Bernard's date

Bernard Black upset about customers in the store

Bernard handing out some second hand smoke to a customer

I have now created a full handpicked gallery of funny Black Books images, I highly recommend you visit it.if you are looking for more amusing material from the show.

24 February 2016

Let's get in some amazing Bernard Black quotes for some laughs

I'm honestly upset with myself for not getting a bunch of decent Bernard Black quotes from the show Black Books already. It's an incredibly funny show and definitely one of my favorite all time TV series. If you haven't seen it yet I couldn't recommend any show more except than Rick and Morty.

We'll continue to post funny Bernard Black images with captions until there are a respectable amount on the site, so expect to see more tomorrow!

A funny quote with Fran calling Bernard a freak

Bernard Black insulting cinemas

An amusing gif about what Bernard Black would put up with

You can find more Bernard Black Books quotes here.

23 February 2016

Funny historical art

Here's a few historical art pictures with funny captions, not bad eh? I thought they were pretty good.

funny image about cocaine

funny historical art with caption

funny caption on the last supper art

22 February 2016

A couple more assorted funny pictures to tide you through the day

Here we go ladies and gentlefags, another couple of images to keep you going.

Little known fact: my life is extended by funny pictures. Therefore since the creation of the internet I am essentially immortal.

However, pictures attempting to be funny but failing shorten my lifespan considerably. Therefore I could die almost immediately if I were to step into 9gag.

a funny picture on a child teaching life lessons

funny image of a waiter being racist

21 February 2016

Some random funny pictures

Hey folks! Today I'm bringing you a few random hilarious pictures, including the general from Star Wars, Louis C.K and an incompetent doctor.

My personal favorite is definitely the Star Wars comic, it's quite a smart joke. What about you guys? The one about the amateur doctor is definitely a close second though!

A comic about getting on a plane from Star Wars

A funny comment of Louis CK burning feminists

A funny comic about an incompetent doctor

20 February 2016

Obama burning Donald Trump

With everyone hating on Donald Trump since forever, it's no surprise Obama wants to get on the burn wagon and get his own roast going, thanks Obama. It's always nice to see the president showing a bit of attitude and being cheeky, he should do it more often.

I wonder if he actually came up with this himself, that would be pretty awesome right?

Obama issuing a pretty sick burn on Donald Trump

19 February 2016

Bernard Black, a legendary figure

Bernard Black has some of the best lines in any television show, it's still hilarious every time I watch the show.

For those of you who have never seen Black Books, I couldn't recommend a show to watch more highly than this (Available legally on Channel 4). Bernard Black is a legend, his portrayal by Dylan Moran is perfect. I honestly idolize the man and can think of no greater role model.

Bill Bailey is alright too, his role is just overshadowed by Moran's performance and lines.

Why am I telling you this? Because there aren't enough Black Books funny pictures on this site and we need more! So expect a lot more posts about Bernard and the TV show Black Books from now on, because it's an absolute disgrace I haven't got any up yet!

A funny captioned scene from Black Books

Here is a little Stand Up from Dylan Moran on a recent tour in 2015

18 February 2016

The life of a college student: Leonardo Di Caprio version

I came across this courtesy of Imgur frontpage, it's a smileworthy comic strip about going to college and getting a useless degree. It's a shame how true this is, as soon as you leave college every employer is going to ask for 3 years experience over a qualification.

I'm posting this because it's an apt analogy of the job market today, which makes it funny because it's true. God bless Leonardo Di Caprio, and somebody give this man an Oscar!
Leonardo Di Caprio funny college strip

17 February 2016

Say goodbye to the last few funny God comics

Here are the last few funny God comics. Now my inventory of the religious comics is wiped out, which is both a good and bad thing. Good because tomorrow we'll be back with something new, a funny meme, some hilarious images or comics. Bad because I liked these Adventures of God comics from the website Its the tie. If you want more, you can always go to the source.

Unfortunately these comics I've linked were all the best ones so if you hop on over to their webcomic site you might not find them as funny. Anyway, enough desecration of Christianity for now. Enjoy these amusing comic strips and Hilarious Images will be back tomorrow!

An amusing anecdote about being stuck in Limbo

A comic about Satan cheating at sports

Comic about sending a man to hell because of his fetishes

16 February 2016

Yet again here with some funny religious comics

If God saw these, I'm pretty sure he'd be proud of these religious themed comics. In all honesty they aren't that blasphemous, just a little bit.

Anyway, enjoy these funny comic strips everyone! More to follow tomorrow.

Amusing comic about God creating dinosaurs

Funny comic about God breaking legs

14 February 2016

Its the tie comics about God and other blasphemy

I recently unearthed a really good series of funny comics from Itsthetie. There's enough to last a few days too! I'm really glad I found them, they are pretty damn hilarious and an ideal and welcome addition to Hilarious Images Daily. However, it's not so certain whether devout Christians will appreciate these strips as much as you guys should. Teehee.

So here's a couple of God comic strips, enjoy. I think we'll follow the two a day regime again, because a single funny picture per day just doesn't seem like enough to me. Keep tuning in for more comics about God and other blasphemies!

Comic about god being forgetful

comic about God setting Lucifer up with a boyfriend

13 February 2016

An alternate Lion King and Lady Gaga at the Hunger Games

Well, the title says it all really. An alternate version of Lion King where Mufasa is a drunk, and Lady Gaga once again stepping out of line. I said we'd get back to some random funny images so here we are. Enjoy!

Mufasa tells Simba he's a drunk

Once again Lady Gaga stepping out of bounds.

A couple more hilarious mythological chat up lines for picking up the opposite sex

I like these, they are funny and I have no doubt using some of these mythological pick up lines will open doors for you in the right setting. Of course they are quite crude, which could end badly if you don't deliver it right! Haha

Since it's Valentines day tomorrow, here are a final couple funny pictures to tide you over. Happy Valentines for those of you who celebrate the date.

I want to hide my Minotaur deep inside your labrynth

Your beauty is like the siren's song. Rough waters won't make me pull out.

12 February 2016

A final few In Your Face Cake comics

Here's a final three images to add to mine and possibly your In Your Face Cake comics collection! Tomorrow we'll get back with something new and fresh, how does that sound? Sounds ideal to me, yep.

I especially like the last one about saying 'you too', because it applies intrinsically to me. I always do it.
Comic about taking technology to the bathroom

A funny comic about how everything can go horribly wrong

An amusing comic about saying you too to people

Mythological pick up lines for Valentines day

With Valentines day approaching, I thought it would be prudent to stay on topic and bring you some funny pick up lines from mythological characters. So if you're going out this Sunday for a romantic evening why don't you try some of these and see how they fare on the opposite sex?

Personally I think these pick up lines will function adequately throughout the year, they aren't bad for a laugh!

Is your name Poseidon? Because I'm already wet.

Baby, let's reenact the Trojan war. You get on all fours and I'll get inside you.