30 June 2012


 A few more images for the road, courtesy of Imgur today. God, never go on Imgur if you're trying to be productive. It absolutely obliterates your time.

Oh, and nobody likes Milhouse.

27 June 2012

Oh you, the things you find on the internet.

 Only eight images today, but they aren't bad. Except for the bully one. That's the onion.

If you have heard of the onion, you probably already know. If you haven't, all you need to know is they take a mediocre joke and just keep on throwing it at you.

Glorious extension of the word parenting.

There are some days I just feel like this.

Genius level logic.

I'd punch her in the mouth.

Better than a real mom.

This one made me laugh the most, I even shed a tear.

Nyan NYAAAAAN real life edition.

God I hate the onion, but this one caught me off guard.

22 June 2012

Man logic

2017 Update: I have compiled a selection of the top Man Logic meme images here. If you would like a larger selection, may I recommend you visit there?

Man logic is clearly flawless and should never be disputed. Sadly a lot of these images found their way to my funny bone by just being kinda bad. I suppose women just feel like they need their own comeback because they can't control the mad that stems from our wonderful and clearly awesome women logic meme.

Anyways, enjoy, or not because I think they kinda bad. Yet another meme I'm posting because I wasn't aware of its existence.

11 June 2012

Dolan pls

So I know I've been posting a lot of meme content recently, but that's probably because they are the greatest thing on the internet. They come from 4chan, get reposted to Reddit and Imgur- and finally stolen by 9gag.

Dolan is currently my favorite, the bad spelling and grammar is brilliant. If you don't understand these images, don't worry I don't think anybody does.

Gooby pls.

I don't even know what they are saying.

Wat. +1 for something about Star Wars.

It's amusing that Donald is actually pretty Dolan without the meme.

Surely they didn't publish this. Disney pls.

This one gets me everytime.

How did he get his hands on LSD?

This is one of the classics.

Crude, yet amusing all the more.

Some inter-textual content here, awesome.