31 May 2012

Yes, this is dog

I can't believe I've never posted this meme, for it surely is one of the greatest of them all. Dog is a champion and a scholar.

I need to teach my dog to answer the phone. If I can get him to say 'this is dog', even better.

Maybe she should be called 'dog' too.

I think I'll take my dog out and do this sometime.

Why does it look so much like Steve Jobs, I wonder if it's all the turtleneck.

Welp, Neo is fucked.

From the film Taken, if you haven't seen it WATCH IT.

A match made in heaven as they say.

Bear clearly wanted some of the attention.

I've never understood why she's supposed to be a horse, but I'll conform anyway.

25 May 2012

Some more assorted images

Not a bad haul this time, not bad at all. Thank you Imgur, you sexy beast.

Ever had one of those nights when you've woken up and you're a cat?