30 July 2016

Fake celebrity quotes made by Cartman from South Park

fake celebrity quotes: anna nicole

fake celebrity quotes: Bonnie Rotten

fake celebrity quotes: caitlyn jenner

fake celebrity quotes: charles manson

fake celebrity quotes: dan savage

fake celebrity quotes: donald trump

fake celebrity quotes: hilary clinton

fake celebrity quotes: justin bieber

About these Celebrity Quotes

None of these Celebrity quotes are real, something that might not be immediately apparent. I have personally used them on several occasions which is why I thought you may enjoy them.

These are absolutely great for posting misinformation across the internet so people get their jimmies all rustled. Try posting some sometime along with some ignorant comments, these celebrity quotes by Cartman are fantastic trolling material as well as being funny.

Cartman has always had great lines on South Park, maybe these celebrities could learn a thing or two from him.

29 July 2016

Rick and Morty funny video and gif reaction images

Rick and Morty alternates funny picture

rick dont hate the player hate the game

ooh yeah mr meseeks reaction video gif

the finger rick and morty reaction video gif

get your shit together summer reaction video gif

it defies all logic rick and morty reaction video gif

Today I'm bringing you a few reaction video gifs from Rick and Morty. I love this show, can't wait for the next season.

If I ever become one of those people who post gay reaction images for fake karma points on a site, I'd use some of these. That's what you're here for, right?

28 July 2016

8 assorted funny images: Random collection

A relationship is like a house

relationships are like a house comment

Living alone & with Roommates - a comic

living alone vs with people funny sketch

Well I am certainly never hiring Barney to my kids party

twisted barney jokes

The Cheeseburger stabbing - Fox News' finest hour

The cheeseburger stabbing incident

Just comedy gold, poor guy

chinese dude getting roasted by poor african kids

Chris Rock Paper Scissors

Chris Rock Paper Scissors

Witty retorts are always good

chainsaw phobia common sense

I would probably also confess to the murder

present clients internet search history

Enjoy these 8 funny images collected from various sources across the web. Pretty funny but small dump of entertaining pictures.

27 July 2016

Classic Batman cartoon quotes and funny images

batman needing some flying assistance

superman trying to move the earth out of the way

superman offering to pay on his journalist wage

harley quinn and batman banter

Hawkgirl complaining at Batman about being saved

Batman bringing Justice League reinforcements for fun.

amusing image of Batman with an axe

Who knew Batman had such sass, except all of us. These funny pictures and images are brought to you courtesy of an Imgur post I saw a while back.

I'm very fond of Batman, not quite on fanboy level but I appreciate the amount of bullshit he plows his way through just by throwing money at it.

#money best superpower.

I now have a gallery of handpicked Batman images, check them out. 

26 July 2016

Funny Garfield comic strips without Garfield, just John

Funny Garfield comics without the cat 1

Funny Garfield comics without the cat 2

Funny Garfield comics without the cat 3

Funny Garfield comics without the cat 5

Funny Garfield comics without the cat 6

Funny Garfield comics without the cat 7

Funny Garfield comics without the cat 8

Funny Garfield comics without the cat 9

Funny Garfield comics without the cat 10

Funny Garfield comics without the cat 11

I don't know whether you need an appreciation of Garfield to enjoy this spoof on the old comics, but I found some of these Garfield comic strips incredibly funny.

I've always enjoyed the comics and hated the old kids show, it's an excellent representation of what owning a cat in real life is like.

The disappearance of the cat Garfield in each comic just makes John look like a depressed whacked out psychopath and that's okay. You almost feel sorry for the guy.

I could get in with more of these, may have to put up more John comics without Garfield in future.

25 July 2016

Bad parenting on Twitter: more funny tweets

Funny parenting tweets 1

Funny parenting tweets 2

Funny parenting tweets 3

Funny parenting tweets 4

Funny parenting tweets 5

Funny parenting tweets 6

We have reached the end of my rather large stock of funny tweets about bad parents. It's a shame really, these twitter comments really do make my day. If you've enjoyed these pictures, leave us a comment or come and kick in my door; I'll take it as a sign to find and post more!

24 July 2016

6 4chan greentexts for your daily dose of Hilarious Images

4chan greentext 1

4chan greentext 2

4chan greentext 3

4chan greentext 4

4chan greentext 5

4chan greentext 6

Enjoy this array of green text stories from 4chan. I have to say these are almost always entertaining, you can't go wrong with a decent bit of OC from 4 chan even today!

If you are looking for more greentext content, you can find plenty of it here at Hilarious Images Daily, just take a look around!