29 February 2016

Some classic funny Spongebob images

Spongebob making a hilarious april fools prank

Patrick getting confused about his identification

Patrick scaring Squidward because he is afraid of Santa Claus

Spongebob's internal dialogue with himself

25 is funnier than 24 for Spongebob and Patrick

Spongebob is a decent show for adults and kids alike. If you ever have to raise a child, raise him on Spongebob. Sure, it's a little childish at times but every now and then there is a next level zinger that's just hilarious. Patrick is easily the best character in the entire show.

Anyway, enjoy these classic Spongebob quotes and captions. They are amusing. I'm bringing you five funny pictures today and five tomorrow. Hoo boy, that's a lot of Spongebob.

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