26 July 2011

Poker face comics

This is a meme I can't believe I missed! I came across Poker face comics for the first time today and they are epic. Wondered if you guys knew about this one?  How long has it been around for? They are almost as funny and genius as rage comics.

I feel kinda left out for not finding these earlier. I picked out the best I could find, tell me if there are any badass ones I should add:

18 July 2011

Harry Potter

Can't believe it's finally over, round of applause everyone for such an awesome set of films and badly written books.


Here are some hilarious Harry Potter images I found to celebrate the ending:

13 July 2011

Awesome Stoner Comics

Haven't posted any Stoner Comics in quite some time. I love browsing through funny comics so it's not a chore searching for them. These are some of the most interesting I could find!

Strangely, they appeal to me more when I'm sober.

12 July 2011

David after dentist

David after dentist video, drugged up kiddy

For those of you who haven't seen this, it's some kid high on painkillers. I wouldn't call this a meme as such but it was pretty popular a while ago. I'm skeptical whether it's authentic. The dad sounds just as high as the kid.

I personally didn't find it that funny, amusing at best - but a load of people seem to love this video for some reason.

11 July 2011

God damn Gary Oak

Nobody likes Gary Oak, that douche stole my bike. Anyway, found some pretty epic Gary pictures, fuck yeah. This meme has been around for ages, and I've never met someone that didn't respect his girth:

Anyway, hope you like the funny Gary images: