31 May 2016

Dank Dark Humour

Evil joke about being with GF

Should've used more lube lol

Amusing image with some Dark Humor

You gotta come to Hilarious Images Daily when you want that questionable image that's borderline upsetting. Right?

30 May 2016

Common hipster problem comic

Amusing comic in which a hipster has no friends

This comic made me laugh. Hipsters and neckbeards aren't people. Ha. The best part is I've known a few guys like this, poor guys.

29 May 2016

4 incredibly funny and awesome gifs.

I like it when men and women are treated equally

treadmill gets sick of fat man walking all over it

tray spinning manic strikes again

gif where a guy leaps at a train door

I can't believe how hard it is to find gifs these days, everybody uses the video format now! Anyway, here's 4 pretty phenomenally entertaining gif images scrounged up from around the web. Enjoy you rapscallions!

28 May 2016

Dumb peoples social media part one

poor dude loses his lasagne =(

trashed kitchen image with comment

funny social media gas tank

dont leave your pop in the car overnight

guy crashes his car into the kitchen

The images in this post are various comments from social media websites. Dumb people are funny and therefore this is appropriate content for Hilarious Images Daily. Enjoy! Check back for more Dumb Peoples social media in the future!

27 May 2016

Best videogame ever: The hobo garbage simulator

funny comic about a homeless simulator

With Goat simulator and Surgeon simulator games floating around, it would not surprise me if this Hobo Garbage simulator was already in production.

26 May 2016

Be careful who you call ugly in middle school!

ugly girl complaining about being ugly

I'm really not sure whether this girl posted this as a joke or... ? Yeah, this image has to be a joke. It's certainly funny enough to be one.

25 May 2016

This reminds me of Trailer Park Boys.

A guy getting common sayings incorrect.

Ha. I love Trailer Park Boys, and this guy has the exact same issue as Ricky. Begs the question whether whoever made this funny comment image stole it from the show, right? Probably.

24 May 2016

One of the best shoops ever

James photoshop

I've seen this James guy all over the web, he does funny photoshop request for people. A lot of them are mediocre when it comes to a laugh, but this one is pretty good.

23 May 2016

Want to be a genius? Eat Spongebob stickers for a free IQ boost.

Funny comment of a real dude eating the Spongebob stickers like candy. Smarts. I highly recommend doing this yourself it's really productive behavior, just remember not to sue me when you go to hospital and have to have some doctor pumping vomit stickers out of your stomach.

22 May 2016

Aint no one f*cks with Tiny Hippo.

Funny comic depicting an evil small Hippo

Enjoy this Tiny Hippo comic, sourced from www.poorlydrawnlines.com.

Gotta say it's a pretty funny comic and it's not that poorly drawn. I wouldn't fight a hippo. Would you?

Poorly drawn lines is a fantastic website, worth checking out their other funny pictures too. I have quite a few in my personal collection.

20 May 2016

Batman being a legend, as per usual

Batman being politically correct

This strip proves that it's just as important to be politically correct as it is to be Batman. Legend. Also, the show this comic strip is from is pretty good too.

19 May 2016

Always start your morning with a happy song, not a sad one

funny comic where a guy sets Gary Jules to his morning alarm

Don't set an alarm with something morose and depressing, it really doesn't work. Tried it myself. This funny comic is on point, Gary Jules is not the kind of music for waking up in the morning.

18 May 2016

My headphones broke yesterday, so true

funny comment with an image of Pacha from the Emperor's New Groove

This image is so adequately apt I might have a heart attack. I hate it when one of the wires on your favorite music blasters goes awry, it's an early sign of headphone death.

15 May 2016

14 May 2016

Brocolli Dog, once a millenium (give or take)

Gotta say this is one of the stranger things I have found browsing the web, Broccoli dog is a pretty cool guy though. I think the most astounding thing about the quality of this dog Broccolli is actually the fact it's a pretty decent photoshop. Ha.

13 May 2016

Alfred is Batman funny comic

Funny quote Alfred pretending to be Batman

I've seen this funny comic from the Batman cartoon several times over the years, I thought it was about time we posted it on Hilarious Images Daily.

If Gotham or any of the real DC comics are accurate, I think Alfred would actually make a terribly formidable dark knight, Don't you?

12 May 2016

Not a new concept: Unsolvable Math Alarm

guy invents an alarm that can't be turned off.

We've all had this idea before, an alarm with an unsolvable math problem to stop it going off. The only real issue here is you would have to replace the alarm EVERY SINGLE TIME you smashed it. Source of this comic is Owlturd.

11 May 2016

Every teenager in the world asking for food

There is food in the fridge
I had to post this image because I fondly remember times when I was younger demanding that my mother bring home food. 'There's food in the fridge' every god damn time.

10 May 2016

9 May 2016

Is it illegal to look up girls without bras?

an amusing question about porn.

Ahahahahaha Yahoo questions and answers are the best, some of the most entertaining laughs I have had on the internet!

8 May 2016

7 May 2016

Stephen Colbert on Lord of the Rings

Colbert showing off his impressive Lord of the Rings knowledge

We all know a little LOTR lore is sexy on a man, Stephen Colbert is clearly a hot piece of ladymagnet the likes of which the world has never seen.

6 May 2016

Florida man comic/meme edition 2

Florida man robs pizza hut

Florida man too fat for jail

Florida man and son burn car

Florida man completing the trifecta

This Florida Man is an unstoppable beast. I need to hear more about his exploits. For more Florida Man Meme, go to mandatory.com. These comics are pretty funny stuff.

View my personal collection of the very best Florida Man comics & images here. Handpicked for your entertainment and pleasure. Enjoy.

5 May 2016

Florida Man comic/meme edition 1

The Florida man leaves a bullet in the oven

Ketchup covered Florida man collapses in street

Florida man kills room mate

Florida man attacks disabled fellow

Jesus christ, this Florida man is a monster beyond all else. Somebody has to stop him! What a beast!

This new Florida man meme/comic is awesome, I love it. We'll put some more up tomorrow.

Original Florida Man Comic Source: Mandatory

View my personal collection of the very best Florida Man comics & images here. Handpicked for your entertainment and pleasure. Enjoy.

2 May 2016

As a web developer, I can state this is indeed true.

guy makes a new site and it gets spammed hue

Well, it happens to the best of us. If I had a dollar for every spammer I've deleted or blocked, I could buy the internet. This is a funny comic =3

1 May 2016

Turning Donald Trump into Hitler, mad photoshop skills

Turn trump to hitler

I tell you what, it didn't seem to take much work for this guy to change Trump into an authentic looking Hitler for this guy, that's gotta say something, right?