31 March 2016

More pictures in boxes

Amusing comic about Dumbledore being a stoner

Funny comic about it raining in Legoland
Today with Pictures in Boxes we have some pop culture references to Lego and Harry Potter in hilarious comic form.

30 March 2016

New series of funny comics from Pictures in Boxes!

Batman and Robin and Pow comic

Amusing comic involving Galactus and Coffee

Today we begin a new series in Hilarious Images Daily, courtesy of the website Pictures in Boxes! These funny comics are definitely a rare find, some high quality content here.

29 March 2016

Brilliant ways to curse your enemies

A wonderful series of curses to throw at your foes

Instead of raising your arms to the sky and screaming revenge, next time you want to curse an enemy use some of the brilliant curses in this image. I intend to memorize and start practicing these insults to pretend I have witty comebacks.

May your tea be too hot when you receive it, and too cold by the time you remember it's there!

28 March 2016

Superior products should always bash the inferior ones to death

I like this gif showing the master pan and seriously considered buying the frying pan from the image so I can use it to beat things into submission. There can only be one!

27 March 2016

Here we are again bringing you the best comments from around the web!

Entertaining statement on the net about knives and bread

Hilarious comment on leather armor and sneaking

its the man taur with comments!

terrifying but true comment about loving animals

George Takei discussing Donald Trump

Welcome back to Hilarious Images Daily! Today we've got a few more funny comments collected from across the web, some great stuff here. The first one about knives and bread is acceptably witty. The Mantaur is a little scary though!

26 March 2016

More hilarious comments from the depths of the internet

Dude at the gym whips out some syrup

amusing statement about hell hiring new staff

rooty tooty point and shooty

Amusing comment about ironic bullying

Once again we're back with some more funny comments found from around the internet, most of which have been shamelessly ripped from Imgur. Today we've got a mention of how ironic and silly bullying can be, guns being renamed to Rooty Tooty Point and Shootys, among other amusing internet comments. Enjoy, and we'll be back for your daily dose of hilarious pictures tomorrow!

25 March 2016

Funny comments gathered from across the internet and social networks

hilarious comment about hitting books

funny twist on a historic grand theft auto

creepy but true comment about other peoples dogs

entertaining comment about a man fighting a bird and the emotional turmoil

Here are a few various funny image comments I have found from across the internet. There's some genius comments out there that you can't find unless you keep an eye out for them. This week we've got some Grand Theft Auto from the past and a comment about a man fighting a bird. My personal favorite is the dude hitting the books, learning is important folks!

Get back over here to Hilarious Images Daily tomorrow if you'd like to see more from our collection of funny comments.

24 March 2016

Funny comebacks and memes, Fry and other amusing images

Bridge comeback

Fry comeback

Old pompous dude meme

Tesco mobile comeback

My favorite funny comeback out of all of the images I have posted today is definitely the last one with Tesco mobile. We need a burn unit in here, stat!

Tomorrow Hilarious Images Daily will bring you a new topic and category, if we wanted more comebacks we'd of wiped it off your mothers chin.

23 March 2016

Great internet and comment comebacks, including memes

Aldi comeback

Dead cells comeback

Chuck Norris comeback

Willy Wonka comeback

Here's a few hilarious comeback images found on the internet. It's always nice to see a witty and entertaining response. We'll post some more great comebacks for you guys tomorrow, hopefully with more memes!

22 March 2016

5 amazing Roy quotes from the IT crowd

Funny quotes from Roy in the IT crowd on drinking

Funny quote from Roy in the dungeons and dragons episode

Roy asking somebody to turn it off and on again.

Roy pretending to be disabled

My personal favorite Roy quote

Today we've got 5 amazing images with some hilarious quotes from Roy in the IT crowd. He's an incredibly good character in the show, great performance and fantastic lines. Played by Chris O'Dowd, Roy is a selfish Irish man who has no shame.

My personal favorite is the last one, people are a bunch of bastards. If you want to hear more Roy quotes, let us know and we'll be sure to get some more up for you! Once again, if you haven't watched the IT crowd yet it's one of the funniest classic shows around.

21 March 2016

4 of the best Moss quotes from the IT crowd

A funny quote from Moss in the IT crowd on fire.

A comeback your mum quote from Moss

The funniest quote from Moss in the countdown episode of the IT crowd

A quote from Moss in the IT crowd
Today we've got some images with some of the best Moss quotes from the IT crowd. Moss is a really funny character and incredibly well acted by Richard Ayoade. My favorite has to be the classic milk quote from the countdown episode.

The IT crowd is a genius British television show that you may have missed. If you haven't seen it yet, it's a highly recommended comedy about a bunch of misfits working in the IT department of an office.

Tomorrow we'll see if we can get some more entertaining images with quotes from another character in the I.T. crowd.

20 March 2016

Working as a bartender 101

Working as a bartender and being mistaken as a pick up artist

As someone who formerly worked in a bar, I can say this funny strip is honestly true. It's very funny when it happens too. However, upon picking this image up, I'm not sure what TV show it is from. Anyone mind letting me know?

19 March 2016

Complaints about Deadpool film. What did you expect? My Little Pony?

Funny woman complaining about the new Deadpool film
Hilarious reply about the deadpool complaints

Found this funny complaint about the new Deadpool film today. If it wasn't sick-minded or peverse, then it wouldn't be Deadpool would it? There was always going to be someone making ridiculous complaints about the film, but what's really hilarious is the second image with the reply.

18 March 2016

A few funny internet comments, hilariously bad parent Ryan Reynolds and Donald Trump Burn

A funny comment from Conan O'Brien regarding Donald Trump

A comment about a misleading video of a huge dog

An entertaining comment about low level gear in roleplaying games

Some funny comments about being a horrible parent

I'm quite proud of these funny comments I've collected for today's post. Some of them are really good, especially Ryan Reynolds talking about parenting his kid. Of course, the Donald Trump burns are becoming ever more relevant these days as he wins popularity, I might even have to start a Donald Trump section on Hilarious Images Daily!

I think funny comments are one of the greatest things on the internet, some people just say the right thing on the right page.

17 March 2016

A few of the funniest Success Kid meme images on the web

A funny Success kid meme about sandwich appreciation

Funniest Success Kid Memes

A hilarious success kid image about using penis as a password

When I think of the success kid meme in my head it's meant to be for small and yet immeasurable success stories that borderline on childish. Every now and again however, there's a few really entertaining success kid stories that bring a smile to your face. Here are a few of them.

16 March 2016

Leonardo Di Caprio finally won an Oscar! It's about time!

A funny gif showing Leo Di Caprio finally winning his Oscar

I've been waiting for this moment for years. Leonardo Di Caprio finally wins an Oscar after being screwed over for years. I'm so happy for him, but why does he finally win the award after years and years of trying for one when the film he got nominated for wasn't particularly good?

Leo deserved an Oscar for many of his performances, least of all in the Revenant. Something fishy going on here maybe? 

14 March 2016

The one and only best How I Met Your Mother scene

The best scene from How I Met Your Mother, Barney and Marshall.

Having seen every single episode of How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM), I can honestly say the show is above average, but really it's a show to put on the backburner when you have nothing else to watch. This image is easily the best scene from the show, so if you like it you might want to give How I Met Your Mother a try.

Barney and Marshall are great characters, but I feel Ted was written poorly.

13 March 2016

Donald Trump with Googly eyes

I found this on Imgur with the title: Everything is better with Googly eyes. Donald Trump with Googly eyes is certainly better than without, but then it wouldn't take much of anything to improve this guy.

What do you guys think? Is this funny? Yay or nay? Should we put these goggle eyes on more things?