24 February 2013

Bad Parenting

As we grew up we've all seen our fair share of awful parents who shouldn't really be having children. In fact, the main reason I don't want kids is because I know I'd treat my kids horrible. However, on the internet you get to see some of the worst parents in the world. And here they are:

Baby in the microwave

Child with saw

Baby consumed by shopping

Baby duct taped to a wall

Upside down child

How to hold a baby

22 February 2013

Harry Potter comics

There's countless Potter images on the internet, so if these are received well by you lovely folks, I'll be happy to post more. Everyone loves Harry Potter. They just like Lord of the Rings more. Am I right?

8 February 2013

Video game logic

A few of these have been circling the internet for the past few days, and although video game logic has been around for a while- I haven't seen many of these images before. So I'll put the best ones up for you guys to enjoy.

4 February 2013

Hilarious detention slips!

I really love reading detention slips when students misbehave on an amusing level. I got a fair few of my own back in high school, but rarely achieved such amazing exploits. If you have anything to top this, let me know!

Everyone wishes they took advantage of the lack of responsibility during education. Well these guys did. Jealous? Not of the punishments, of course-  but the epic pranks and fooling around.

1 February 2013

Misunderstood Girlfriend

So we all know about overly attached girlfriend, and recently because of her internet popularity it appears she's now just misunderstood. You can still see the creepy though if you look for it. But she's cute, and if you're cute on the internet it's like free fame.

Anyway, I like this new version, it's clever.