29 June 2011

In Soviet Russia

I love these in Soviet Russia jokes, so I have plenty to share. They are all pretty old, but classics all the same.

If you want more Soviet Russia funny images, take a look at this post.

Best one has to be this one. Waldo is kinda scary huh =3

Good to see Chuck not taking shit from soviet Russia.

I can honestly see this happening in Russia.

This one is somewhat... Creepy. Who even drew this image, and why?

Putin is always one for awesome expressions. Like a boss.

Couldn't end the post without some cats, that's just how I roll.

25 June 2011

Some standard pictures


I noticed I'm running a little low on funny images for this blog, so I need to collect some more. In the meantime, here are some dregs at the bottom of my folder.

I sometimes think my pictures are becoming more and more morally questionable as time goes on.

24 June 2011

An epic video today

This fat kid just can't take the bullying anymore, he hulks out:

That little douche got what was coming to him, right?

Here's todays images:

14 June 2011

Coolest guy in the world 2

A lot of people come here and skim over the images, and aren't invested enough to watch a video. I strongly encourage you watch this one though, because it's hilarious. He truly is the coolest guy in the world.

And todays images, awesome as usual. But still, watch the video.

11 June 2011

Hilarious Images and Videos

I've decided to up the blog a notch, and introduce regular videos into my posts. It isn't exactly difficult, and I'm sure I can find some epic stuff for you to watch. Todays video is the stuff of legends, and if you haven't seen it before, I'm sure you will appreciate just how cool this guy is:

And here are todays images, enjoy:

Pew Pew

9 June 2011

Epic rage videos

I stumbled across this on a forum while advertising my blogs, it's pretty epic.

Guy gets mad over nothing, I know there's better rage videos out there, I'll find some for the next few posts. Enjoy.

4 June 2011

Been a while

I'm baaaack, with a new PC to boot. I'll be posting frequently once again, as I collect an entirely new folder of images.

I thought we'd get back to business with good old effective motivationals!