31 January 2016

Funny Star Wars animations, even Adventure Time!

Adventure Time and Star Wars GIF

I found these hastily made Star Wars animations on Beyonce. They are so mildly funny I had to post them. Since the release of the new Star Wars film there has been a swathe of poor meme startups and a huge surge of Star Wars related content. These GIFs are fantastic. The Adventure Time one is clearly the best by a long shot.

Did you guys like the new film? Personally I thought it was okay, Disney didn't ruin the franchise but they still could have done better. What's all this nonsense about removing the Star Wars extended universe? Unacceptable.

I've always loved Star Wars especially the extended universe content. Some of the best bits are in the books. Darth Bane is the coolest Sith ever. Disney are doing okay with the franchise since they obtained it but they've made some very poor decisions. Why would they give Battlefront to EA? I've played the new Battlefront a lot and while it does have a nice Star Wars atmosphere that feeling lasts all of 5 seconds and then it's just another Battlefield game. What do you think?

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