3 March 2016

More Funny Randowis Pokemon comics

Gardevoir and a trainer escaping from a salesman

Grandpa being a winner with the ladies yet again in a Pokemon comic

Gardevoir using an ability on a guy on the toilet Pokemon

Another funny pokemon comic about using HM techniques

Welcome back to Hilarious Images Daily, bringing you today's dose of Pokemon comics, courtesy of Randowis. If you're looking for more funny images check out this site and have a browse. We have plenty more comics Pokemon related and other amusing memes and images.

We will be back with more Pokemon content tomorrow, if you like the anime or the video games, I'm sure you'll like to see more of some of the best comics Pokemon has to offer. I'm especially fond of the Korean style art direction in these comics, not only are the jokes themselves decent Pokemon funnies, but it's good imagery too!

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