11 March 2016

4chan greentext: Puking on cops and mutual racism

A greentext of a black guy and a white guy hating on eachother

A funny story of a freshman puking on the police in college

A short story greentext on a serial toilet masturbator

A wonderful magic performer visits 4chan to show off his skills

We're finally nearing the end of the Hilarious Images Daily green text phase. We've added a comprehensive amount of funny 4chan related images now, so visitors who want to view funny content from /b and other boards have a place here.

My favorite image today is tied between the mutual racism between the black and white dudes, and the drunken cop story. Puking on a cop has got to be a first.

Tomorrow will be the last day for anything related to green or text for a while, we shall go back to putting up regular assorted funny pictures. Good day ladies and gentlemen, stay amused!

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