21 July 2016

Dump of random assorted funny images

batman funny picture
You can't say no to this old quote, I remember it from Duke Nukem although that's unlikely to be the original place it was said.

never heard a car alarm and thought somebodys car was being stolen
Funny really, this comment makes an excellent point. #Showerthoughts are the greatest. It's hardly like you go all Spongebob Caveman when you hear a car alarm.

judge dismisses case
This funny story/comment is totally immature and therefore completely acceptable. I hope the man got the boobs he was promised for excellent punnery.

cat ceiling fan gif
Whoever put this GIF together is a legend, it made me lol. But then all cats do.

feeding your children funny comment
The guy does have a point, gotta love twitter.

china built a wall and they have no mexicans
+1 for Donald Trump content, we need city sushi to build 'murica's wall.

just hooker things
I'm sure there is some exceptionally skilled hooker out there who pulled this one off.

christian singles now
Sign me up too, I'd get some of that hot piece of ass.

Top gear on Hitler
Jeremy Clarkson and Hitler, the two things any funny picture needs to succeed.

funny mitts comic fighting man
I lol'd.

Comma on your bank account
This will be me one day, if I ever get that comma.

Today I thought I would follow a different post structure from normal and press the 'fuck it' button. Here's a larger dump of various funny pictures from across the internet.

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