10 March 2013

Annoying Imgurian

I've lurked on Imgur for quite some time now. In fact, I avoid going on it for weeks at a time because I know once I get started I'll be browsing images for at least a couple of hours. What can I say, I have addiction issues.

Anyway, I didn't know about this meme. The best part of it is that the annoying Imgurian is easy to spot if you just spend 10 minutes on Imgur. Hint; it's pretty much all of them. I've also noticed on other sites that this meme is actually receiving a bit of bad reception. I wonder if that's because of butthurt Imgurians?

Funny meme about an annoying Imgurian

Funny image about imgurians

Meme about a bus crash

Calling a soldier a hero

Whining about lack of OC

Upvotes gay downvotes MMA

Meme about smoking

About imgurians downvoting

Am I the one who isn't the only one

Annoying Imgurian tells you to watch a show and then spoils it

Annoying Imgurian Meme about Hypocrisy

Annoying Imgurian posts OC with dickbutt

This 2017, it seems the Annoying Imgurian meme has more of a place than ever. The comment section on the website is worse than ever, beware! Whilst the community itself is generally embarassing, Imgur is still one of the best places to lurk and find a few funny pictures. In fact, you will find a modest selection of the images on Hilarious Images Daily siphoned off spectacular submissions I have found directly from those intolerable white knights!

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