12 June 2013

What happened to Matt Leblanc?

Here's a question I pondered from time to time. What happened to Joey? Friends is one of those iconic shows that everyone has seen. Even the people who don't like it have to admit it's a high quality show that shaped the future of sitcoms. Everyone has a favorite character from Friends, and I'm sure Joey is at the top of a lot of peoples lists. Personally he's tied with Chandler for me.

But after Friends ended, some of the characters stayed on the radar, others became less prevalent in the media industry. I never really bothered to do any research into what happened to them, so it was a pleasant surprise when I'd see Jennifer Aniston or Matthew Perry in anything. Regardless, I decided to have a quick look into what Matt Leblanc had been up to; mostly because after finishing with his own show Joey, he seemed to disappear. Apparently he likes to do nothing. Who doesn't?

If you're interested in seeing some Matt Leblanc and his recent antics, watch this video!

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