26 June 2016

Cat terrorizes neighborhood: Family safe in pool.

Funny news show headline

If this was actually the cutaway shot they used in the news while describing this headline then I am faintly amused. Although to be fair, if you and your fam' was just straight up chilling in the pool and a damn jaguar or junk came strolling into the garden - you would probably be pretty concerned yourself.

Everybody knows that Jaguars can't swim so you could just sleep in the pool.

I am also too lazy to do the research on this article myself (big surprise), so somebody get in here and use your smarts to do the grunt work for me. Hue.

Fortunately, I have now added a collection of Funny Headlines to Hilarious Images Daily, featuring this image and more! You should check them out if you want to see more like this.

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