22 October 2012


Are you in a good mood today? I'm just tired. Hopefully this can bring a smile or two to you guys.

I'd take the bribe too.

I only picked this one because I love doctor who.

There is no amount of cups to measure how awesome this is. Yes, I measure awesome in cups.

I wouldn't want to eat this for fear of where it's been. That and it's probably laced with LSD.

So true. Sooooo true.

If sticking a horn on my head would get me laid, I'd do it. Sadly the only thing I'd attract is Brony whales.

A 4channer works here.

Now I can blame my search history on my dog.

I'd rather they deliver a handful of internets to my door.

It may suck kitty, but how did you get there in the first place?

I will now use this phrase at every opportunity.

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