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Here is an ongoing collection of funny and hilarious images. I will post what I personally find amusing, hopefully you will enjoy it too. If you do not share my sense of humor and want to berate me for it, please go somewhere else.

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17 July 2013

Futurama better not get cancelled again

Boy I do love my Futurama. It's not got the classic and universal appeal of the Simpsons, but there are often incredibly subtle jokes that make you feel smart for recognizing them. I think Leela episodes are what got this awesome show cancelled in the first place. Anyway, Futurama is a legendary show that doesn't get the credit it often deserves. Have some amusing images, internet.

6 July 2013

Rage comics deluxe

It's been a long time since I've deigned to post rage comics. They are always funny, these ones especially so. You know you love rage comics, these are the comics you're looking for.

4 July 2013



It's funny, deal with it.

30 June 2013

A bunch of funny Futurama images

Although Futurama never quite reached the critical acclaim of the Simpsons, I still thought it was hilarious and has some classic moments. Luckily, the internet seems to agree with me.