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13 February 2016

An alternate Lion King and Lady Gaga at the Hunger Games

Well, the title says it all really. An alternate version of Lion King where Mufasa is a drunk, and Lady Gaga once again stepping out of line. I said we'd get back to some random funny images so here we are. Enjoy!

Mufasa tells Simba he's a drunk

Once again Lady Gaga stepping out of bounds.

A couple more hilarious mythological chat up lines for picking up the opposite sex

I like these, they are funny and I have no doubt using some of these mythological pick up lines will open doors for you in the right setting. Of course they are quite crude, which could end badly if you don't deliver it right! Haha

Since it's Valentines day tomorrow, here are a final couple funny pictures to tide you over. Happy Valentines for those of you who celebrate the date.

I want to hide my Minotaur deep inside your labrynth

Your beauty is like the siren's song. Rough waters won't make me pull out.

12 February 2016

A final few In Your Face Cake comics

Here's a final three images to add to mine and possibly your In Your Face Cake comics collection! Tomorrow we'll get back with something new and fresh, how does that sound? Sounds ideal to me, yep.

I especially like the last one about saying 'you too', because it applies intrinsically to me. I always do it.
Comic about taking technology to the bathroom

A funny comic about how everything can go horribly wrong

An amusing comic about saying you too to people

Mythological pick up lines for Valentines day

With Valentines day approaching, I thought it would be prudent to stay on topic and bring you some funny pick up lines from mythological characters. So if you're going out this Sunday for a romantic evening why don't you try some of these and see how they fare on the opposite sex?

Personally I think these pick up lines will function adequately throughout the year, they aren't bad for a laugh!

Is your name Poseidon? Because I'm already wet.

Baby, let's reenact the Trojan war. You get on all fours and I'll get inside you.

11 February 2016

Back again with a couple more In Your Face Cake comics!

Once again we're back for the third day running with some wonderful In Your Face Cake comics! This time around we've got an extremely strange one about eating a banana and a funny comic about the new film, The Revenant.

It's a good film if you haven't seen it by the way! A little slow paced, but that's just for atmosphere and immersion.

An odd comic about eating a banana

A funny comic about the film The Revenant