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10 March 2013

Annoying Imgurian

I've lurked on Imgur for quite some time now. In fact, I avoid going on it for weeks at a time because I know once I get started I'll be browsing images for at least a couple of hours. What can I say, I have addiction issues.

Anyway, I didn't know about this meme. The best part of it is that the annoying Imgurian is easy to spot if you just spend 10 minutes on Imgur. Hint; it's pretty much all of them. I've also noticed on other sites that this meme is actually receiving a bit of bad reception. I wonder if that's because of butthurt Imgurians?


  1. A bit? It's been downvoted to oblivion on Meme Generator. I tried resurrecting this meme earlier today. I've submitted it to a few sites including Imgur - it has a meme generator now.